Description Have you had the situations such as "This conversation is so boring..." or "I have a lot of things to do now...". Put interjection with your iPhone!
This application put an interjection manually or automatically. You can use preset interjections or create your own.
Price Free
Size 2.5 MB
Released Aug. 7, 2013
Version 1.0
Rated 4+
iPhone/iPod touch (iOS 4.3 later)
How To Use
1. Put an interjection
Tap a number what you want to.(1) An interjection sounds.
2. Put interjections automatically
Tap "Auto" button to move into automatic mode on main screen.(1) When the conversation breaks up, put an interjection randomly from all interjections.
Tap "Manual" button to stop automatic mode.(2)
3. Change the sound
Tap "Setting" button to go to Setting screen.(1)
Tap an interjection which you want to change on the list.(2)
Tap a sound name from the list.(3)
4. Create your own interjection
Tap "Setting" button to go to Setting screen.(1)
Tap an interjection on the list.(2)
Tap "+" button on the right-upper corner.(3)
Tap "Record" to record your voice up to 3 seconds.(4) Tap "Play" to play the recorded voice.(5) Tap "Save" to save your voice.(6) Save dialog will be shown and you can enter the name, then save it. You can use it as your own interjection.
5. Purchase and restore remove ad
Tap "Setting" button to go to Setting screen.(1)
If you are the first time to buy, tap "Buy Remove Ad".(2) If you have already purchased and want to restore this functionality, tap "Restore Remove Ad"(3).
Version History
Date Content
Aug. 7, 2013
- First Release.