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Description You can easily learning numbers with this application by just tapping number. You and your kids will love adorable elephants and it keeps your kids enjoying the game. You get 30 seconds for a game and get more score when you correct in a row. Various levels are available, so all ages must have FUN!
Price Free
Size 6.1 MB
Released Jun. 20, 2013
Version 1.1
Rated 4+
iPhone/iPod touch/iPad
- iOS 5.0 later
How To Play
1. Start game
Tap "Start" to move level selection page. (1)

To see the ranking, tap "Game Center" button. (2) To see the help, tap "How To" button. (3) To mute the music, tap right-upper "Mute" button. (4) To stop mute, tap it once again.
2. Select a level
Select a level which you want to play to start the game. (1)

To see more levels, tap arrow button to move another page. (2) Tap "Back" button to move the top page. (3)
3. Play game
Tap the bigger number or expression. (1) If you tap correct one, you get the point. If you do in a row, you get more point! The playing time is 30 seconds and the game is ended when the remaining time is 0. (2)

If you want to quit the game, tap "Quit" button. (3)
4. Confirm your points
You can see the score on the "Point" and the high score on the "Record". (1) If you want to play the game with the same level again, tap "Replay". (2) If you want to move the top page, tap "Go to Home". (3)

You can post your score to Twitter or Facebook. Once you tap the button, post page will be shown. (4) Then you can enter the text and Share!
*Required iOS ver.6.0 or later to post to Facebook.
5. Purchase and restore remove ad
You can remove ad with purchasing In-App Purchase. To do this, tap "Option" button. (1) If you are the first time to buy, tap "Buy Remove Ad". If you have already purchased and want to restore this functionality, tap "Restore Remove Ad".
Version History
Date Content
Jun. 20, 2013
- Add LEVEL 9 [Roman Number] and 10 [Times Table (Indian Method)].
- Fixed ads are shown on the Score page even if remove ad functionality is enabled.
- Fixed collapse the layout when rotating iOS ver.5 device.
- Adjust flick detection on the Select Level page.
- Update ad SDK.
May. 18, 2013
- First Release.